About Our Cases

That’s the best-in-class phone in your hand. It’s an engineering masterpiece, made with premium materials, and the price is… well, it’s not cheap.

That’s why you’re here, right?

Because protecting it from scratches and accidental drops is a no-brainer.

Our phone cases are a delightful way to protect your phone in style with fun and trendy designs, and awesome protection.

Our cases provide the ultimate protection against everyday wear and tear. And unlike the last protective case you bought, it’s NOT boring.

On the back, you’ll find fun and cute designs that will make your phone look better and uniquely yours.

For our clear cases, we use UV printing technology to print the image on our cases. So don’t worry—it won’t look blurry like your friends’ phone case. The colors are bright and crisp, unlike every other case at this price range.

“Sounds great. But is the protection and build quality any good?” you ask.

It’s awesome!

Our cases are shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant.

…Plus, they protect your phone from one thing that we all hate about the iPhone and Samsung's glossy finish: fingerprints and smudges.

What’s more, our cases are lightweight. That means your phone will still feel as comfortable in your hand with a Dazie case protecting it.

With our clear cases, on the side of the case, there’s the rubbery edging, which is precisely engineered to make sure your phone screen won’t touch the ground (on a flat surface) when you accidentally drop it.

Even better, you’ll also find the same raised protection around the camera holes, which protects the camera if you drop your phone. That’s something you can’t find in a protective case at this price.

Every single part of our cases is precisely engineered to protect and make your phone the premium device it was meant to be.

Oh, did we mention that our cases support wireless charging?

So, if you’re looking for a phone case that’s not only built to protect your expensive phone but also looks great, then look no further.

Our cases will up-level your selfie game.

And once you use our phone cases, it’s only a matter of time before your friends and family start asking, "where did you get your case?”

So why wait? Get your Daisy Lily case today and see for yourself why hundreds of customers love our stuff.